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The Wrong Message to Send

Wearing tee shirts with “Black Lives Matter” and the names of men who are dead on them…is NOT how we solve our divisive issue’s in America regarding relations between police and our communities.

I applaud the four off-duty police officers for walking off the job when they saw the pregame shirts being worn by the players of the Minnesota Lynx.

The lost lives of the men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota… along with the five police officers who lost their life in Dallas last week, has weighed heavily on my heart. It is a tragedy we won’t forget. It is also one we must learn from.

We have to support our police departments! It is not right or justified to throw all cops under the bus and claim them to be bad guys. Yes, there are some cops who should not be in uniform. But the vast majority of the men and women wearing the badge are doing so with good intentions. Intentions meant to serve and protect….us.

Yes, we do need “Justice and Accountability” from those on our police force. This justice and accountability must work for both cops and citizens…which is why the Rule of Law must be protected in America.

May God bless and protect those wearing the badge.


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