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Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

To Win in November the Republican Party Must Unify Now

I am a Republican and will support whoever our candidate is. I want to make that very clear before you read my observations following tonight’s victory speeches by both leading candidates.

Donald Trump has to start talking about policy! His :30 second canned responses to border security and bad trade deals won’t beat Hillary Clinton.

In her victory speech tonight, Hillary Clinton spoke at length about her policy positions…all of which I disagree with. Yet, she spoke with conviction and left no doubt about her desire/will to achieve her idea’s. The Democrats are getting locked and loaded for the General election in November.

Trump spent 99% of his time talking about anything/everything BUT his policy idea’s. It was all about how he’s won here and there and the system is rigged, etc. If you don’t believe me, take the time to listen to both of their speeches.

Bottom line:

* Trump is who the Republican Party voters want
* The Republican Party and Trump have got to come together
* Ted Cruz and John Kasich need to get out of the race so the Republican Party can begin to unite/rally around Trump
* Without Cruz/Kasich, Trump can focus on a VP candidate and policy matters

My money and vote in the primary went to Ted Cruz. Now, it’s time to come together as a party and prepare for a tough battle with Clinton.

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