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Martellus Bennett

When Does a Head-Scratching Move Make Perfect Sense? When the Patriots Do It

Trouble brewing for New England Patriots?

I’m scratching my head over this trade the New England Patriots made for Chicago Bears TE, Martellus Bennett . Not because Bennett isn’t good…but because he’s not as good as THE MAN, THE GRONK… Rob Gronkowski, who’s already playing TE in New England.

I’m talking about locker room harmony!

Can Bennett’s ego ( and we know he has a big one ) accept that he’s not as good and popular as Rob Gronkowski? I’ve already read a quote from Bennett saying he looks forward to learning from Gronk…and that he’s sure there are some things Gronk will learn from him. Maybe…but my guess is the first freeze in the coming fall will occur before Gronk breaks out the pen and paper taking notes from Bennett’s play. If ever….

In terms of game strategy, this is a big deal for the Pats. I think it’s the biggest deal in the NFL this offseason. Why? Because Tom Brady will now have another significant talent in Bennett to take pressure off of Gronk in the passing game. Therefore, in my mind…New England once again will be a top favorite for the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick is masterful at getting guys to play “The Patriots Way”. To me…it’s been about teamwork and team effort in New England. Belichick’s shown many good players the “high-way” and their walking papers if they don’t buy into his concept.

My prediction: Brady will make sure Bennett gets enough touches each game to stay happy.

What do you think?

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