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Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s Season has been Deflated by “Deflategate”

Tom Brady has been sacked by the system!

The NFL and NFL Players Association have a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that both signed. The CBA gives broad powers to the NFL Commissioner to hand out disciplinary actions on players when needed. Commissioner Roger Goodell had to fight to keep those agreed upon powers and to win in court so that future players wouldn’t feel emboldened to “appeal” each time discipline was handed down.

I understand that scenario.

However, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did not win games because of under-inflated footballs!! I’ll stay decent and call it: Hogwash!

I hope Tom appeals and fights until the cows come home… or at least until the Supreme Court denies/accepts his appeal. It’s a long shot – but one worth pursuing.

The following video is how I believe this deal shakes out for the 2016 Patriots.

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