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Tom Brady: Credit: Joseph Sohm /

Tom Brady Likely to Appeal “Deflategate” Suspension – What Does it All Mean?

The New England Patriots won the 2015 AFC Championship game over the Indianapolis Colts 45-7. This Championship Game has become known as “Deflategate”. In the midst of all the hoop-la, remember this: the Patriots would have won that game with a flat football or one about to explode with too much air pressure.

As of today and for most… this has become old news. However, for Tom Brady, it’s current and he’s committed to fighting the NFL until all of his options have been exhausted.

From the NFL’s standpoint: this issue is about much more than Brady and air pressure in footballs. This is about the NFL’s Commissioner maintaining power to discipline as he see’s fit…with a broad range of powers.

For Brady: it’s about his reputation!  He’s not going to sit by and allow Deflategate to define him. If you’ll recall, the report done by Ted Wells came to the conclusion “it was more probable than not that the Patriots deliberately violated league rules concerning the proper inflation of footballs, and that it was more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the violations.”

I say hog wash to “more probable than not”! What a joke! I applaud Brady for not letting the NFL get away with this mockery of justice. For the sake of justice, I hope Brady gets his chance at an appeal in front of all those judges. Then, let the chips fall where they may…

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