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Trump or Cruz

Is it time for the GOP to Unite and Prepare for the General Election?

It is no secret that I am a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz. My wife and I have contributed to his campaign and helped raise a lot of money for his efforts, too.

If I were part of Ted’s advisory team I’d commit for discussion, this question: for the good of the Republican Party, should we end our campaign and work to unite the Party?

The reason I’d consider this thought is based on that old saying: “it is what it is”.

Here’s reality:

* Donald Trump crushed everyone in New York. I realize the victory was expected…but Cruz supporters were hoping to have a chance at a few delegates. That doesn’t appear likely. Exit polling wasn’t kind to Cruz.

* Trump’s victory speech was delivered in a much different manner. It wasn’t an hour long rant as we’ve seen before. Instead, he seemed measured and on topic.

* Members of Trump’s team were all “on the same page” with their comments following the New York victory. During interviews from three kids and other members of his team, each made sure they got this point across: when people get to vote, Trump wins. When the Party takes control, he doesn’t. We should expect more coordination from Trump’s team.

* Hillary Clinton also nailed it in New York! I highly recommend watching Clinton’s victory speech. What you’ll see is a candidate who is poised, focused and far more dialed-in with social hot buttons important to many Americans than any Republican candidate.

The above observations are based on facts and not emotions.

To be certain…I do believe Trump will come up short of the needed 1237 delegates and that there will be a contested convention. In that scenario, I believe Ted Cruz would come out as the Republican Party’s nominee.

So why would I suggest Ted get out of the race? Whether I’m right about a contested convention or not, whoever the Republican Party nominee is will have a seriously divided party trying to win in November.

For Ted, this presents the following: win the battle and lose the war.

Here’s how Ted wins: step aside for the good of the Republican Party! A humble move like this would surprise everyone. Many who aren’t supporters of Cruz feel like he’s arrogant and only looking out for himself. This bold and unexpected move would set Ted up for the next Presidential run.

Ted knows what I’m talking about. In 2012, I ran for the U.S.Senate seat in Texas against Ted. Late in the race, he called and asked for me to drop out and support him. He was very kind with his remarks, saying, if you do this, you’ll be setting yourself up as the next Tea Party favorite. Ted and I both knew the polling numbers, and I had no chance to win.

I didn’t drop out and chose to be loyal to my staff who all wanted me to finish the race. I did the right thing for them…but it was a bad political decision.

Hillary Clinton is going to be very hard to beat. She is gaining confidence and is already unifying the Democratic Party to beat Trump/Cruz.

If we start now, the Republican Party will have time for emotions to settle down and for ALL to get on board and prepare for a tough fight this fall. Otherwise, the consequences of internal bickering in the Republican Party will hand Hillary Clinton the Presidency.

It is what it is…


The Path to the White House by A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect.

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