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Craig James Ted Cruz Event Recap

This past Friday night in Houston, my wife and I joined several other couples to host an event for Senator Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi.

The goal was to raise money and hear from Senator Cruz about his standing in the race for President. The Ted Cruz event was a smashing success!

Our fundraising goal was met…we raised $300,000.00! I believe it was the biggest single day haul of this last quarter.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of money to cover the country running for president. The total dollars of all candidates raised/spent/on-hand will be well north of a billion dollars by the time all is said and done. That’s crazy!!

Jim/Amy Lee hosted the party at their home in west Houston. IT IS AN AMAZING HOME! Jim’s a longtime friend of mine and is one of Senator Cruz’s finance directors. The Lee’s have been supporters/friends of Ted and Heidi for a long time, too.

I’d say there were around 60 people who attended the event. Since I grew up in west Houston…there were a lot of friends in attendance who I had a chance to catch up with.
Senator Cruz’s message was one I’ve heard many times. The man is committed to what he’s saying and focused on getting the job done.

Ted talked about defeating ISIS and securing our borders.

Senator Cruz mentioned the importance of the next president’s role in appointing Supreme Court justices and made a vow to spend the time needed to make sure conservatives are chosen.

Being in Houston….he made sure to mention that the EPA would not get in the way of responsible drilling. Of course, that drew a pretty good round of applause from the oil/gas folks in attendance.

As for Obamacare….Ted remains committed to repealing every word of the mandate.

Since 2012 when I ran for the U.S. Senate against Ted…we’ve become good friends. Ted is a man of courage, conviction and driven to do what’s right! He’s also a follower of Jesus Christ and will undoubtedly pray for wisdom from above. America needs a leader with these qualities…which is why Senator Cruz has my support. Please enjoy the photos of the Ted Cruz event below.

everett piper stands up for rights of all
everett piper stands up for rights of all
everett piper stands up for rights of all
everett piper stands up for rights of all

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