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Penn State Football

Shocking! Penn State Paying Out to Jerry Sandusky Accusers from as far back as 1971!

If you Google “lack of institutional control…you’ll see the NCAA deems it to generally mean as it sounds: a school/coach wasn’t making sure the rules were guarded/protected with policies in place to prevent such occurrences from happening. 

With this new ESPN article and allegations of Penn State’s Joe Paterno knowing of former coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual assault on kids dating back to 1971…help me understand how this isn’t “lack of institutional control”? Paterno was a part of the institution…right? Heck, the man WAS the institution, in many regards. 

To be sure…since the very beginning of these revelations taking place by Sandusky, I’ve thought it was an extreme case of “lack of institutional control”. 

We’re not talking about handing out $100 dollar bills to players. We’re talking about a sexual predator being allowed to stay on a staff for years while the head coach knew of this tragedy. How many kids were violated because of Paterno’s silence? 

The ESPN story talks of the $90 Million dollars already paid out in 30 different civil claims.

This isn’t an old story…Sandusky’s victims continue to deal with their emotions on a daily basis. We continue to learn more about this horrific situation. 

How in the world is Penn State still playing football? Further, if it wasn’t Penn State football…would they have received the Death Penalty? 

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