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Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke Embarrasses CNN Liberal on #BlackLivesMatter

Sheriff David Clarke embarrassed CNN interviewer Don Lemon on national TV in response to the murdered police officers in Baton Rouge.

Lemon had his agenda for the interview and Clarke wanted nothing to do with it. Clarke wanted to talk “reality”…it was good TV!

For over twenty years…I’ve had the privilege of holding the microphone and conducting interviews. During the Clarke/Lemon exchange…CNN’s Lemon begins by asking Clarke a question. Instead of answering, Sheriff Clarke turned the table on Lemon and asked him a question.

It’s important to know that interviewers aren’t used to having their guests fire back at them with a question. Lemon was thinking of the next question and was caught off guard. He didn’t know how to regain control of the interview…so he just called for a break. What a childish reaction by Lemon.

Way to go Sheriff Clarke! I guarantee the next interviewer of Clarke will have their knee’s bent and ready for action.

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