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Are the Raiders Destined for Las Vegas?

When Jerry Jones speaks…it’s wise to pay attention

Jerry Jones is one of the NFL’s most influential owners, and he was heavily involved in the decision to move the Rams to Los Angeles. Now Jones is talking about putting a team in Las Vegas.

With talk heading up that the Raiders could leave Oakland for Vegas, Jones said today that he’s open to the idea.

That old saying, “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” probably pertains to this situation. If the city of Oakland wants to keep their Raiders, they’d better come up with a taxpayer funded plan to keep them. And it had better be sooner than later. 

Jerry Jones was recently delivering talking points as to the merits of Las Vegas having an NFL team. Personally, I wouldn’t have near the guts to play a card game with Jerry, he’d own me! I wouldn’t dare him or call his bluff, either. 

Clearly, Jerry likes Oakland Raiders owner, Mark Davis. I’m sure Jerry and former owner, Al Davis were friends, too. Speaking on behalf of the Raiders and/or the city of Las Vegas, is a powerful move by Jerry. 

If you’re a Raiders fan living in the Bay Area, don’t be mad at Jerry. He’s doing y’all a favor by putting pressure on your city to come up with the dollars needed to build a new stadium. 

Here’s my question: why not Vegas? I’m not a gambler but I do enjoy Vegas. Millions of people enjoy Vegas. 

How ’bout them Las Vegas Raiders?!

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