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Racial Profiling and Keeping America Safe

How do you feel about racial profiling of Middle Easterners in America?

We live in an era of great concern for our personal safety. We are being encouraged to live by this motto: See something, Say something.

I was reading of yet another instance this week where a 41 year old traveler from the Middle East was apprehended by police outside Cleveland, Ohio…suspected of being a terrorist. After being questioned, it was discovered he was in our country for medical care.

“Police body camera footage shows him collapsing outside an Avon, Ohio, hotel, after officers charged at him with guns raised and handcuffed him.
They were responding to a false report that Al Menhali, dressed head-to-toe in traditional Arabian thobe, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a phone call from the Fairfield Inn & Suites lobby.
It quickly became an international incident.”

The United Arab Emirates apparently issued a warning to its citizens to not wear traditional Arab dress abroad.

Are we/Americans wrong for being paranoid? We are overwhelmed with TV news video of horrific acts being done around the world by people of a particular ethnicity that is embedded in our minds!

I fully recognize that people of all race and ethnicities are capable of doing terrible things.

How can we not be hypersensitive to seeing someone who “looks the part” of what we’ve seen in the news?

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