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Todd Nicely

Quadruple Amputee Veteran Attempts Suicide after being Ignored by the VA!

This is amazing! Sad but true that this crap is happening in America to our veterans. Throughout the week, the media covers stories of far less significance than this one concerning our veterans.

Wounded Warrior Todd Nicely, a quadruple amputee veteran recently attempted suicide after his pleas for help were ignored by the VA’s Crisis Hotline

According to the VA’s inspector general, over300,000 veterans have died before their applications were even processed. The VA also had been caught incorrectly claiming that certain applications had been processed (so they’d look better statistically), and even destroyed over 10,000 records in the past five years. One veteran had been marked as “pending” for fourteen years before he died…

Thankfully Nicely survived giving our nation a chance to rectify how poorly the VA has treated him.

Call it an act of God or just plain good luck – Nicely survived his suicide attempt (thus proving he’s even tougher than we already knew he was).

What needs to happen for us to wake up and DEMAND tragic stories like the one being mentioned here are no longer tolerated? I’m furious about this…you should be, too.

The federal government needs to protect us and PROVIDE CARE for those who are doing the protecting! A veteran should be able to walk/hobble/wheelchair into any hospital in America and receive treatment! Right then and now! Send the bill to whoever’s in the White House and mark “needs to be paid”. 

May God provide peace and comfort to the men/women who have served or are serving our country. Thanks for the protection you all are providing us. 

Below is a video of one of our brave heroes, Todd Nicely. Please pray for him, our Veterans, and our soldiers currently serving.

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