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Alton Sterling

Police Officers are Supposed to Serve and Protect Us…

Police officers are supposed to serve and protect us…

“He was just black in the wrong place”…”we are being hunted”. This is a quote from the family of Philando Castile’s mother after her son was shot and killed by a cop in Minnesota. 

Alton Sterling, just a day earlier in Baton Rouge, was shot and killed by police. He was a black man, too. 

Both of these encounters were caught on cell phones providing video for us to see the horrific acts done to these men. 

Apparently, both of these men had a permit/license to carry a handgun. Apparently, both did as they were taught to do and informed the police they were carrying a handgun. A grand jury and eventually a court of law, with citizens sitting in a jury box, may learn these two men were doing something wrong and the cops had a reason to apprehend them. However….


I understand cops have a high pressure job. I understand they see lots of bad guys doing bad things all day long. I understand they risk their lives on a daily basis. BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO KILL PEOPLE, SERVING EXECUTIONS AT THEIR DISCRETION. 

Don’t sign up to be a cop if you don’t understand the dangers of the occupation. The vast majority of cops understand these risks and do an amazing job on a daily basis. 

Justice has to be served, these tragic killings have to stop. Our country is jacked-up right now. We are divided on so many fronts. Black lives matter, brown lives matter, white lives matter. 

We just celebrated Independence Day, July 4th, the National Day of the United States. We are becoming anything but “United”. 

I pray God’s peace on the families who have been ripped apart by these tragic occurances. 

Psalm 57:1: “Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.” Amen

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