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NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL is Moving the Pro Bowl from Hawaii to Orlando!

In 1986, I was honored to play in the Pro Bowl. It was my second year in the NFL and I was like a kid in a candy store. I’ll never forget walking into the locker room for practice and seeing Marcus Allen, Dan Fouts, Mike Webster, Steve Largent, etc., and thinking “wow”.

As always, Hawaii was beautiful and didn’t disappoint.

But then we had to play the game! Ugh! I’d just come off a blow-out loss in Super Bowl XX to the Chicago Bears and was exhausted. While an honor to be there…it was a challenge to gear up and play the game the way I’d always played it.

So, for me… the idea of it now going to Orlando is a last gasp effort to save the event. Orlando is a wonderful place!

The National Football League is moving its Pro Bowl to Orlando from Honolulu, which has hosted the all-star event every year but twice since 1979, three people familiar with the matter said.

Orlando is among four cities bidding to host the game, joining Honolulu, Houston and Sydney, Australia, according to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, who declined to comment on the Florida city being selected.

This has nothing to do with it going to Orlando. It has everything to do with the fact players want to be chosen for the game but don’t want to play in it.

They should continue to honor those players who’ve had a great season and name them to a Pro Bowl roster. Instead of playing a game…think of something unique for these players to do.

Here’s a crazy thought to ponder. Since the NFL is thinking about global expansion…why not reward the players and their families with a trip to a warm destination spot and do charitable/mission work? These players/coaches/families could raise a lot of money and do good for any number of things/people.

Instead of a football game…have a variety of events. Volleyball, softball, horseshoes, croquet, polo…you get the idea. I’d love to see these athletes out of their element and competing with each other in a variety of challenges.

Any way you look at it…the traditional postseason Pro Bowl is on life support and it’s days are numbered.

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