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Leonard Fournette

Could LSU’s Leonard Fournette be the Next Herschel Walker?

Having coffee this morning and must admit that I’m really looking forward to watching LSU running back Leonard Fournette this fall.

I find it humorous to see that coach Les Miles delivered a little “public” suggestion to Fournette needing to shed a few pounds.

“Leonard was 235 to 233 or so during spring; we want him right around 225 so his strength and speed are maximized,” Miles said. “He’s an elite guy and he wants to be an elite body as he goes into fall. Certainly this summer will provide him with that opportunity.”

Fournette responded in a classic way: “I lost that weight for you big man”.

Over the years the SEC has produced some really good runners. Back in my day, Herschel Walker dominated the SEC and went on to become a legend. I get a very similar feel while watching Fournette run.

Not that it’s needed… but here’s a suggestion for defenders who’ll face Fournette this fall: get big enough to stop him, but not so big that you can’t catch him! Therein lies the problem for defenses.

Fournette is a special blend of size, power and speed.

Let the games begin!

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