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Trump Wall

A Little Political Nonsense – Mexico Won’t Pay for a Wall

When will enough nonsense be enough nonsense? I’m talking about Donald Trump and his threat to hold back the money being sent by Mexican immigrants in America back to their homeland of Mexico. These money transfers are commonly referred to as “remittances”. In a reported two-page memo sent to the Washington Post…Trump wants a one-time payment of $5-10 billion dollars from Mexico, to pay for construction of a wall between Mexico and the United States. Trump has estimated the border wall would cost approximately $8 billion to build.

This is the first time I’ve publicly voiced my concerns of Trump. I have openly supported Ted Cruz…but have declined to offer criticism of Trump. Why now? Because I have many Mexican friends who work here in America and send money back to Mexico so their families can have money to live on. The money they receive is being used to eat and live!

Trump is showing his disconnect with reality in this request. DOES DONALD TRUMP REALLY THINK THAT BY PUNISHING THE ALREADY IMPOVERISHED MEXICAN POPULATION…THAT THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT WILL SUCCUMB TO HIS THREAT? Bullying the hungry and homeless is not the way to pay for construction of a wall.

Each year, billions of dollars are sent back to Mexico by men/women abroad who are trying to help their families survive. I know these people…I’ve seen their work ethic and admire their will to survive.

This has nothing to do with a failed immigration policy. I’m not talking about policy here…that’s another issue. Yes, we need to secure our borders! But I am not in favor of penalizing, bullying or threatening a bunch of families who are trying to survive.

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