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CraigJames SI Cover 2

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When I look at the cover of this Sports Illustrated, I still can’t believe it’s me on it. Heck, I still can’t believe I played in the NFL! Thank you, Lord!

I’ll never forget the day our PR director for the New England Patriots came up to me and said I was on the upcoming cover of SI.

CraigJames SI Cover

We were about to board a plane for Miami to play the AFC Championship game vs Miami. My first thought: oh man! The SI jinx is going to get me! At that time, it was going around that many who’d made the cover of SI would soon hit a “slump”. Thank goodness that wasn’t our case…we won the AFC Championship game and I ran for over 100 yards.

In this photo I’m running behind Hall of Famer John Hannah. The hand in the photo is of Hannah blocking an LA Raider to the ground. We scored a TD on that play.

To this day, I get fans sending me a copy of this SI cover for signature. It’s amazing — I thought I’d bought ’em all up! 🙂

On a fairly routine basis, I’m going to give away memorabilia to those who visit To get it going, I’ll personalize a copy and send it to our winner.

Hope you enjoy the thoughts behind my SI cover appearance as much as I do.

To God be the Glory!

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