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Jim Harbaugh Angry YouTube

Jim Harbaugh SNAPS, Destroys the NCAA’s Bad Decision to Ban “Satellite Camps”!


The NCAA just announced that satellite football camps are no longer allowed. In a nutshell…Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh was taking his show on the road in the month of June and holding football camps down south…where talent is abundant. This competitive move by Harbaugh upset the football gods in the SEC and ACC. They don’t want new competition for their high school kids. Especially from a coach like Harbaugh, who is selling a lot of upside in things going on up north in the Big Ten at Michigan.

Can you imagine what the back-filled rooms of ACC and SEC power brokers were saying? “Boys, we can’t allow other schools to come down here and steal our talented high school athletes.”

I am 100% in support of Harbaugh calling out the NCAA for being hypocrites with this decision. The NCAA says it has the “student-athletes” in mind. I say: Hogwash, too!

The attached article spells out pretty clearly the negative impact this decision has on potential college football players. I’m going to video cast on this issue next week with some further research on the matter.

College football has now whittled down to 5 power conferences. There’s a gathering of the haves and have nots already under way.

The next time I see Michigan Wolverines’ head football coach Jim Harbaugh, I’m going to ask if he’s a fan of Denzel Washington. I’ll drill down a bit further and ask if he’s seen two of Washington’s movies: Remember the Titans and Man on Fire. Both movies are fantastic! I highly recommend seeing both if you haven’t.

DenzelFor those who have seen them, tell me Jim Harbaugh isn’t like “A Man on Fire,” or better yet, the motivating coach in “Remember the Titans”?

As good as those two movies are, there’s another one that Washington stars in that might be even more of a character parallel of Harbaugh: The Equalizer.

The first time I sat across from Jim, he was the head coach at Stanford getting ready to play USC. I was announcing the game and was meeting with the coach to get his game plan. Jim was as to-the-point and direct with his answers as a person could be. Some would say he was too blunt… no BS from him.

I immediately became a fan of Jim Harbaugh’s. Jim and I played football in the same era, and from what I’ve observed, have similar mindsets as to how a player should play the game.

As soon as Jim Harbaugh announced he was leaving the NFL to coach at Michigan, I knew he’d have an immediate impact on the Wolverines football team. Indeed he did. The team played well in 2015, going 10-3.

Hypocrisy: when someone/somebody says one thing and then does another.

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