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Heidi Cruz

Heidi Cruz Shows Class and Strength in Responding to Attackers

During an interview with Fox News’ Megan Kelly Heidi Cruz showed that she possesses beauty both from within and with her outward looks, too. Heidi was incredibly poised, elegant, charming, and showed confidence in knowing who she is and what she stands for.

Heidi Cruz would be a fantastic First Lady!

As a First Lady, Heidi would be a remarkable ambassador for many things we are missing in America. Most notably… her interests in Faith, Family and Education. These are topics in dire need of good role models and examples for our kids.

While Heidi’s faith and commitment to her family is commendable, the impact she could have on helping to improve our education system might prove to be her calling. As a graduate of Harvard, she understands that education and preparation for life is critical to all. I had a boss at ESPN/ABC, who once said, “chance favors the prepared mind”. This is so true…that statement hit me between the eyes. It’s not about luck…or circumstances. At times, those do impact situations. But “luck” is not sustainable. A well prepared/educated mind is enduring.

Here’s a suggestion for Senator Ted Cruz, if he becomes President Cruz: appoint Heidi as Secretary of Education. Then, get rid of that Department, save and except one person: your wife. I’m confident Heidi would then rid the country of federal Common Core standards. This action would begin the process of putting education decisions where they belong: in the state’s hands. More precisely, on local levels at each school district.

As mentioned before, I am friends with Ted and Heidi and support them. I routinely pray for their family as they endure the challenges of running for President.

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