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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! 

I’m so thankful to be the father of four wonderful kids. But more than that…what a blessing it is to me, knowing my kids know me as their DAD. 

It only takes a few moments to be a father…but it takes invested time in our kids to be a dad. 

Men, for those who enjoy this day as a father…make it a point today, to tell your children how thankful you are for them. I know it’s suppose to be “our” day…but today wouldn’t be special if not for our kids. I love each one unconditionally! They know that…and for that, I’m thankful and will enjoy this Father’s Day. 

The greatest gift I can give my kids is them seeing me bowing and seeking God the Father-The Father who will always be there!

Remember, If a persons Bible is falling apart, there life isn’t.

Thank you Lord, for the blessings of my family. 

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