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Mitch McConnell
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The GOP has Lost its Way and Mitch McConnell has Lost His Mind

While browsing headlines this morning, I came across this doozy and decided to check it out. Apparently, Mitch McConnell really said the GOP’s “at an all-time high“. 

McConnell said this to NPR on Wednesday:

While some of Washington’s most prominent Republican leaders are still struggling over whether to endorse Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the call to do so last month – as soon as Trump became the likely nominee.
In fact, for all the talk of the GOP’s upheaval, the Kentucky Republican says he doesn’t think a Trump nomination will redefine the Republican Party in any substantial way. The party is now at “an all-time high,” he said.

His statement caused me to ponder if he’s running in the same type GOP circles that I am. My observation is that many of my Republican party friends are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the GOP stands for. 

As I see the GOP, it’s a party that’s long in the tooth with a lot of gray hair. And even those with “traditional” values within the GOP are becoming more and more tolerant of social issues. 

Therefore, in my opinion, the GOP has to decide what it stands for.

Many in the GOP are fiscally conservative but are socially liberal. How many are like this? Polls say different things on this question but the graybeards I run with are a whole lot less interested in social issues than they are in fiscal matters.

They seem to outnumber me…

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