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Christianity Cross

God Meets Us at the Cross

God meets us in Christ at the Cross! 

As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ…this simple sentence is a reminder to me of what is most important in my life and that all is ok. 

News stories are filled with despair and sad occurances: religious liberty is under attack, Christians are being killed off…bombs going off in airports…mother’s shooting and killing her kids, etc. 

One of my daughters is a nurse.  Yesterday, a young man walked in her hospital…said he needed a nurse, then kneeled down, shot and killed himself. That’s young man was someone’s son…

The statement above of “God meets us at the Cross” is supported in Romans 5:1-11, where Paul declares us to be at peace-only on the basis of our justification by faith because of Christ’s work on the cross. 

In this scripture, we see how/why we are taken from wrath to grace…which transforms both the status and the experience of the believer. I find peace, hope and when suffering takes place…I find comfort in knowing God is at work in me producing endurance, which produces character and therefore all that He desires of and for me. 

There is peace with God through faith in Him. During these trying times…keep your eyes focused on Him and His assurances. All else is like a screen door on a submarine. 

Have you accepted Christ? Are you at peace?