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Christian McCaffrey

Are these the Four Best Running Backs in College Today?

This weekend I did a piece on LSU running back Leonard Fournette and had some asking about other top runners for the upcoming 2016 season. 

Here ya go…

My top four runners each have their own styles. 

1: Christian McCaffrey – Stanford. I thought McCaffrey should have won the Heisman trophy last year. While Leonard Fournette might be a better runner, McCaffrey is the total package. His ability in every phase of football is almost unheard of. He makes a difference in the pass game, run game and kicking game, too.

I’d take McCaffrey over my number two guy…

2: Leonard Fournette – LSU. Wow! When it comes to running the ball, look no further than this big man! He has that rare combination of power, size and speed. Plus, he’s in a good situation with his head coach, Les Miles, being so fond of the running game. I realize SEC defenses will stack the box to stop him…but LSU also has speed and talent on the outside to catch the ball. Which, will force SEC defenses to have to play more balanced than they’d like to. 

There’s a clear difference between my numbers 1 and 2 guys to the next on my list. Not that others aren’t good, too. It’s just that McCaffrey and Fournette are unique players. 

3: Dalvin Cook – FSU. A speed guy that makes defenders miss because they take poor angles on him. His 7.4 yards per carry average suggests just what it means: big plays! 

4: Royce Freeman – Oregon. I have mixed feelings on Freeman. Yes, he can play and has speed for his size of 230 pounds. I like how he has a studder/stall step to get away from tacklers. My mixed feelings comes from Oregon’s offense giving him lots of big yards before a tackler ever shows up. 

My early Heisman list has McCaffrey and Fournette in a run for the hardware. In 2016, I hope and expect more fans/voters in the east to watch McCaffrey more this year. 

My advice to these four runners as they enter the summer months: get some rest! Because come football season…your numbers are going to be called a lot! 

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