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Fitness: No Excuses Especially after 40

Use it or you lose it! For most of my post-athlete life, I’ve lived by this motto when it comes to being fit, staying in shape, and taking care of my body. Fitness: No excuses especially after 40 is a fun look at my fitness journey.

As I enter mid-life…it’s even more important that I continue to be active. Over the years, I’ve found that if I take a week or so off…my body starts to scream at me. All those violent hits from football and multiple surgeries come back with a vengeance.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the variety of workout routines I’ve done or continue to do.

The key is to mix things up! For several years, I was into competitive tennis. Then I got into road biking…logging 100 plus miles a week. Then it was a few years of P90 and P90X with Tony Horton. Then came Crossfit…I went nuts with Crossfit. I love it! High intensity training works! I’ve had periods of Yoga…which I laughed at when I played in the NFL. I’m not laughing anymore. Now I’m into a combination of Crossfit and Battle Ropes. The ropes will take you to your knees!

Back to mixing things up…I was recently visiting my daughter and son- in-law down in Houston. I wanted to workout, but didn’t want to go visit a gym. So, I went in their garage and did chin-ups from the rafters. For proof…check out the video! I jumped down and combined it with sets of burpee’s. Alternating ten sets of ten on each and I had a good little workout.

Over the years, I’ve had to learn “how to recover”…especially as I get older. I’m also a big believer in working through pain. Key point: I know my body and I know the difference between pain and injury. Injuries require attention from your doctor. However, I see countless people have some discomfort and totally stop their workouts. Drives me crazy. Next thing you know, they’ve gotten out of their normal exercise routine and then they “find excuses or reasons” not to workout. Again, I say…use it or you lose it.

I’m really excited about sharing my routines with you. And, I look forward to hearing what you do, too.

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