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man watching tv

Your Entertainment Choices Can have Serious Side-Effects

“What you entertain your mind with…is what you’ll become.” 

This quote came courtesy of my Dallas Seminary professor, Dr. John D. Hannah:

I couldn’t write this statement down fast enough! This is the second class I’ve had with Dr. Hannah. The first class was Old Testament History…this one is on The Church in the Modern Era. 

So the question hit me right between the eyes: what am I entertaining my mind with? How about you? 

This morning, as I sat in my chair drinking coffee and browsing the internet, this photo of Kim Kardashian was front and center on Yahoo’s website. Trending? Yes…very much so! Thousands of comments on the photo. While obviously attractive to many…she doesn’t tip my cup-of-coffee. But she does for thousands, if not millions…of fans. Kardashian has a particular influence on kids, their minds, how they act and how they dress!

Contrast Kardashian’s persona to this quote from the legendary Elvis Presley: 


Right on to the King of Rock and Roll! 

A couple of years ago, I was hosting a national radio show. We had a segment that we opened up for callers to ask questions. This young caller asked me for help on a problem he was having in life. The caller informed me he was having a problem with sexual addiction and so was his girlfriend. They were into kinky sex that included multiple partners. The caller wanted to know how he could overcome his problem. 

I told the young man he needed to become addicted to God! He needed to replace the pornographic world he was feeding to his mind…with God’s Word. I have no idea what the young man decided to do with his life. But he was a great example of what Dr. Hannah was referring to. 

How about you? I see many who are always chasing happiness with “stuff”. Twenty years ago, a man bragged to me about his sign that read: he who dies with the most wins! Seriously…this guy really believed that. Many others do, too, but don’t recognize or flaunt their thoughts. They just go about life aquiring and looking for the next “deal”. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a boring guy who just sits around doing nothing. I have fun with life, sometimes too much fun. On a daily basis, I try to avoid the “stuff” that life throws my way. 

My defense comes from keeping my eyes focused on God…entertaining my mind with His Word. 

Several years ago, Matthew 6:33 really hit home to me. I find that if I “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness…”, that I’m more aware of the “stuff” that I don’t need cluttering my mind when it comes around. That awareness comes from the power of the Holy Spirtit…dwelling within my soul. Amen!