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Donald Trump Blows Off Important Meeting with Pro-Life Leaders

A week ago, Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that there has to be “some form of punishment” for women who have an abortion. Matthews double-checked and asked to verify Trump meant women…and he said “yes”. 

Within hours, Trump and his team were trying to walk back that statement. 

When a person is on the hot seat and being interviewed and a tough question comes up, that person’s core beliefs come out. Especially from Donald Trump who has no filter system on the things he says. Trump had a chance to further clarify or walk back his position on abortion with an apparently scheduled call with Priests for Life.

Instead, Trump blew ’em off and didn’t even call in. 

I know “things” come up, but with Trump’s backside still getting roasted for his comments a week ago, this appointment with Priests for Life should have been a priority. We continue to learn more and more about Trump and what we’re learning is disconcerting.

In life, I’ve learned not to deny the red flags! They always come back to haunt me. Trump’s thrown a lot of red flags. 

The following post comes to us from my colleague Joe Newby over at the Conservative Firing Line, who has an interesting story from earlier this week.


Just one week after advocating “punishment” for women who seek illegal abortions, GOP front-runner Donald Trump blew off a meeting with pro-life leaders, the Daily Beast reported, citing Politico.

Betsy Woodruff added:

Trump was reportedly expected to address Priests for Life and the 115 Forum conference during a conference call on Wednesday. But he bailed. Leslie Palma, a spokesperson for Priests for Life, told The Daily Beast that Trump did not dial-in.

A conservative operative with knowledge of the call told The Daily Beast that pro-life leaders involved were disappointed Trump decided not to speak with them.

Donald Trump Pro-LifeOrganizers, Politico said, were apparently led to believe Trump would participate in the meeting, but the campaign said he never intended to call.

To me, that’s just typical Donald Trump,” said Cruz supporter Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, chose not to criticize Trump directly, however.

According to Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser, one of the reasons Trump lost in Wisconsin is the fact that he provided “no less than five positions on abortion.”

“As with other issues, each pronouncement Mr. Trump makes on the issue of life seemingly must be corrected by someone 15 minutes later. His failure to articulate the pro-life, pro-woman position no doubt contributed significantly to his loss tonight,” she added.  “Exit polling reveals that Wisconsin Evangelicals fled Mr. Trump to support Senator Cruz. Nationwide, Trump’s unforced errors on the abortion issue – as well as his continued disparaging comments about women like Heidi Cruz – will continue to hurt him.”


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