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Ted Cruz in Indiana

Disrespectful Child Heckles Ted Cruz, Media Outraged at Cruz Response

At a recent Ted Cruz event…some kid yelled out “You Suck”.

This fired me up!!

I don’t care if it’s Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Donald Duck speaking. Kids are kids and should be raised to respect their elders. The thought of shouting “You Suck” to an adult wouldn’t have crossed my mind as a kid. My dad would have worn my backside out if I’d have disrespected an adult.

Our country needs parents who will discipline their kids! I’m a firm believer in the 3 C’s:

1: CONFRONT your kids when they do something wrong
2: CONSEQUENCES for those actions
3: CONSISTENT…do it again, and I’ll be right back in front of you

Children need/want boundaries and they need discipline, too.

Thank you, Senator Cruz…for calling this kid out.

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