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College President stands firm for rights of all

Hip-hip-hooray!! Three cheers for Oklahoma Wesleyan University President, Everett Piper! The college president stands firm on right of all.

Piper is a man with intestinal fortitude standing firm against the bullying culture of our time. The issue at hand: college students demanding safe zones at their schools.

Safe zones?! Are you kidding me? Freedom of speech is a two-lane road…but there is a massive push by one lane of believers to shut down the other lane if they don’t agree with their positions/lifestyles. America was built to provide for ALL to have the freedom to believe and speak as they so choose.

For example, a few months ago star NFL running back Arian Foster announced he is an atheist. The media called to see how I felt about Foster’s position and how that might impact an NFL locker room. My answer: I applauded Foster’s freedom to believe as he wishes. I don’t agree with his belief…or lack of, but I do respect his freedom to believe or not believe in God. The same freedom he has to express himself and not be ridiculed or called out…has to be afforded to me, too! 

Please take the time to read this article provided by The Daily Signal. I’m a big fan of the work done by several writers at the blog…a branch of The Heritage Foundation. Let me know what you think.

The Daily Signal Article

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