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Children in America must be Frightened

At dinner last night, I was standing in line waiting to order and watching the news on TV about the tragedy in France.

Standing in front of me was a little girl with her mother. The girl said, “mommy…look at how many people were killed by that truck. At least it’s a long ways from here.”

The mother replied…”yes, but there will be people here in America watching this and will get similar bad idea’s.”

What the mother said was true…but I didn’t get a sense it was what the little girl wanted to hear.

We live in a connected world…which is sometimes good and many times bad.

Growing up, my fear as a child was America going to war with Russia. Of course, I never considered it could be on our American soil. Vietnam was another concern I had. But again…that war was thousands of miles away. I felt secure in America.

What about today’s children? Wonder what’s going through their minds? If you’re a parent with young children…what are you saying to them? What are you saying about all these horrible video’s and images of reality that we’re watching on a daily basis?

If you’re a grandparent…what do you say? How do we put these things into perspective?

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