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Vince Young University of Texas
Editorial Credit: Geoff Nelson /

Can the University of Texas Rise Again?

In college football, it takes the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s to win. Or, in Texas’ case….the Young’s and the McCoy’s!

75 days: Only 1 QB in FBS history has completed at least 75% of his passes for an entire season, Colt McCoy (2008).

As we get closer to kicking off the college football season…this nugget caught my attention. It’s a great reminder of the good old days of the Texas Longhorns and what they are missing: a QB!

Mack Brown was a winning coach because he had Vince Young and Colt McCoy. I’m not taking anything away from Mack’s skills… just pointing out that he was a really good coach who had two really good QB’s.

The Texas Longhorns will return to prominence when they get another Young/McCoy at the helm. I also applaud former Longhorns offensive coordinator, Greg Davis. Davis was the OC at Texas from 1998-2010 and probably doesn’t get near the respect/admiration he should have for grooming Young/McCoy. Davis is now the OC at Iowa. 

The Longhorns offense’s were record breaking in those days… days that most Longhorns fans long to see.


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