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Are we Called to Do More for the Refugees from ISIS?

I’m sharing this article as a way of helping to keep this sad situation on the minds of all Americans. We need to continue to pray for Christians in the Middle East who are dwindling by the day in numbers. ISIS is determined to rid the world of all who don’t believe as they do.

There’s also a report out today of a 4 year old Christian girl killed/beheaded by ISIS…. with her Christian mother watching. Then, the mother had to soak her hands in the blood of her daughter’s for “cleansing”. This reportedly occurred in Syria.

I also pray for the men/women in our military who are working daily to provide safety for all. Further, that our politicians will do all they can to provide our military all that is needed to be the very best equipped fighters in the world.

From the Daily Signal:

Between 80 percent and 90 percent of Christians–more than 1.3 million people–have fled Iraq, according to the Knights of Columbus.

Iraq ranks third in the world for Christian persecution, according to Open Doors, an organization that serves persecuted Christians globally. ISIS drove about 125,000 Christians from their homes in Mosul and the surrounding Nineveh region. More than 70 percent of Christians have fled Iraq since the war in 2003, the group says.

Another 1 million Christians fled Syria, which would be about two-thirds of that country’s Christian population, according to the Knights of Columbus. In Syria, which ranks fourth in the world for Christian persecution, Christians once made up 30 percent of the population, but now make up only 10 percent. As of March 2015, ISIS has murdered about 220,000 Christians, while 700,000 were displaced.

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