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Bi 12 Conference

The Big 12 is Set to Expand… or Suffer the Consequences

The Big 12 is almost certain to expand, and if the don’t, they’ll set themselves up to be a victim of another conference raiding their top schools. 

How do you get in the mix for consideration if/when the Big 12 expands? Look no further than FedEx’s announced vow to be a major Big 12 sponsor should Memphis gain entrance to the conference. 

FedEx is vowing to sponsor a Big 12 Conference football championship game and offer other incentives to bolster the University of Memphis’ bid to become an expansion member of the Power Five conference, company chairman Frederick W. Smith said Tuesday in confirming a national report.

Money talks and B.S. walks! 

Memphis has to have gained the attention of Big 12 decision makers with this kind of announcement. I love it! I particularly respect how FedEx is trying to take care of the folks in Memphis. FedEx is an American global carrier with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.  

I’ll dive more into this subject over the next few weeks, but suffice it to say, I think the state of Texas needs to support the University of Houston and SMU as new adds, if/when the Big 12 expands. 

Don’t tell me about TV footprints, either.

The SEC is the best and they are a regional conference with amazing team familiarity. Make the Big 12 REALLY GOOD and competitive on a week to week basis and the TV ratings will be there. 

Back to my point in sharing this with you: way to go FedEx! I admire you for being aggressive in your support for the University of Memphis.  

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