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Baylor University
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In the Midst of Scandal, Art Briles Explains why Baylor University Gives “2nd Chances”

Oh boy. This is not good. Baylor University football is in the news again, and for all the WRONG reasons.

As Baylor University’s board of regents reviews a law firm’s findings about the school’s response to sexual violence allegations — many involving its football players — Outside the Lines has obtained documents that detail largely unknown allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence involving several Baylor football players.

According to the police documents, at least some Baylor officials, including coaches, knew about many of the incidents, and most players did not miss playing time for disciplinary reasons. None of the incidents has been widely reported in the media.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, citing sources, reported Thursday that the university’s board of regents is considering the fate of head coach Art Briles, and firing him is one of its options.

This past year I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Baylor University football coach Art Briles.

I asked him specifically about being a 2nd chance coach for players.



Art is a friend and I’d like for people to understand his mindset on letting these risky guys in. 

Now, having said that… I’ve always believed it would come back to bite him and Baylor. You can’t have a bunch of thugs on a team without having problems. If what’s being reported is true and Baylor wasn’t properly handling all of these assaults they were being informed of then they need to suffer severe consequences! 

Art’s a good man with a good heart. Baylor fans were so desperate for success that they “looked the other way” on many moral/character issues. I”m a Baptist and struggle with the hypocrisy of Baylor fans and the University when it comes to athletes and lack of integrity. 

Do I believe Baylor University should hold themselves to the highest of standards? Yes I do!

As a school committed to Jesus Christ and Evangelism, they have no wiggle room, character matters in the Bible, just as it should at Baylor. 

If you have a daughter and she’s attending Baylor University, don’t you want to know she’s going to be safe? The Board of Directors at Baylor have to take off their blinders and remember who they are and what Baylor University stands for. 

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