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Jim Grobe

Baylor University Strife Continues: AD Quits as New Coach is Named

Jim Grobe is indeed a very good hire for Baylor!

I’ve done several games of Grobe’s when he was at Wake Forest and always admired who he was and what he stands for. Coach Grobe was well liked by his players and assistant coaches, too.
Grobe is a man who knows the role of a coach… something many current mega-dollar coaches have forgotten. So, as of this morning, Grobe provides stability as their new head coach.

Along with Grobe’s hiring, came the resignation of Baylor’s Athletic Director Ian McCaw.

McCaw released a statement through Baylor Monday evening saying, “After much reflection and prayer, I have decided that a change in athletics department leadership is in Baylor University’s best interest in order to promote the unity, healing and restoration that must occur in order to move forward…. 

I have always sought to put the university’s needs ahead of my own. My time at Baylor has been an incredible journey filled with some of the most remarkable people I have ever known. I am grateful to Baylor Nation for its support and dedication, and to all who have done so much to advance the athletics program.”

I’ll have more on the Baylor situation as the Board continues to evaluate their situation.

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