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Art Briles

Some Baylor Leaders Lobbying to Bring Back Coach Art Briles!

The rumors are true… Baylor regents are being lobbied to bring back Art Briles as their football coach. I’ve been told the discussions are serious and there’s a possibility it will happen.

A movement to bring back Art Briles as the Baylor football coach in 2017 has gained momentum among a few key donors, according to multiple reports, though how successful those efforts might be remains uncertain.

Simply amazing! How in the world can Baylor even consider this? Let alone allow it to be made public they are contemplating it? What are Baylor’s Board of Regents thinking?!

Here’s the gist of what I was told: The media has blown this thing up. It was a close call to fire Art in the first place. It was the AD and Starr’s fault more than Briles’. Sure there are some issues on the team but the right thing to do would be to bring back Art.

Hey Baylor…we’re talking about rape and violence towards women!!! The right thing to do? The right thing to do would be to release ALL of the Pepper Hamilton report and clean house of all who were involved in this tragic situation.

Is this a ploy to try and hold on to some recruits? I’m shocked this is even on the table for consideration. Wow!

My Bold Prediction: this will be a massive power play by big money that wants to win games vs those who are grounded in reality and doing what’s right.

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