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Greg Hardy

Addition by Subtraction – The Cowboys are Better Off Without Greg Hardy

This past fall on one of my “Airing it out with Craig James” podcasts, former Dallas Cowboys QB and NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach and I talked about Greg Hardy. Roger was clear in his position of how he would not have wanted to be a teammate of Hardy’s. I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

As a young boy, I witnessed domestic violence. What I heard and saw was horrific. My dad regretted his actions…it was painful for him, my mother and me.

Greg Hardy has shown no remorse with his actions or words. To be forgiven, a person has to genuinely seek forgiveness.

I forgave my dad for what he did because he was truly sorry for his actions.

I applaud each NFL owner for not signing Hardy as a free agent. Hardy’s got a lot of work to do before being allowed to play again.

There’s a second part to Hardy’s distractions on a team that isn’t talked about as much. Of course, what I’m about to mention is secondary to domestic violence.

Multiple player reports from the Dallas Cowboys say that Hardy was late to many practices/meetings. That’s crazy! In my years with the New England Patriots I can only remember ONE time that a player was late to practice/meetings. It was a big deal then and it is today. I know this much…from high school through the NFL, my teammates and I would not have tolerated someone like Hardy and his distractions.

I think Hardy’s disciplinary problems last year affected the Cowboys as much or even more than the loss of QB Tony Romo. Every NFL team knows of Hardy’s lack of discipline. The NFL coaches are a tight group and something like this won’t go unnoticed. Even for a highly talented player like Hardy.

It’s called addition by subtraction. The Dallas Cowboys improved this offseason by the subtraction of Greg Hardy.

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