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Mississippi State Football

5-Star Recruit Jeffrey Simmons Enrolls at Mississippi State, Even After Assault Video

Has Mississippi State University lost it’s “judgmental mind” over their decision to allow Jeffrey Simmons to enroll and play football at their school?

It’s important you watch the video of Simmons POUNDING a woman who is on the ground before you can make a decision on this.

Mississippi State is allowing Simmons to enroll and play with some conditions – like: a one game suspension! One game!! Has the school been following what’s going on at Baylor?

“Based on conversations our staff has had with school, community and church leaders in Noxubee County, this insident appears to be uncharacterist of Jeffrey,” MSU Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin said. “It’s a highly unique circumstance to administer discipline to a student for an incident that occurred prior to that individual joining our university. However, it’s important that Jeffrey and other potential MSU student understand that these type of actions and poor decisions are not acceptable.

“We expect the structure and discipline Jeffrey will be a part of in our football program to benefit him. Jeffrey will be held accountable for his actions while at MSU, and there will be consequences for any further incidents.”

Head football coach Dan Mullen and his staff should have opposed this decision. I’m sure Dan was involved in the process and like Art Briles, knows Simmons made a mistake but just needs a “second chance”. I’m not opposed to second chances, but what about the consequences for Simmons?

The video is clear!

Simmons is repeatedly punching a woman who’s on the ground and defenseless.

I don’t care how good a football player Simmons might become for the Bulldogs. This decision to allow a rare 5 star recruit into Mississippi State comes off as a school desperate for wins!

What should be desperate, is a desire to stop men from hitting women!

I have ZERO tolerance for that.

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