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Reactions to Colorado Planned Parenthood shootings

Here's an article written by my friends, David/Jason Benham regarding the recent Colorado shootings at a Planned Parenthood site. Like the Benham boys, I agree this horrific tragedy was the work of a sick human being. (more…)
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Fearlessness: Standing Up for What’s Right

Welcome to the area we call: Fearlessness. What does this mean? I want to encourage you to be heard…to stand for yourself and/or your family. We live in America, the greatest nation on earth. God has provided us inalienable rights…freedoms for us to enjoy. Before I share parts of my life’s stories…I want to make it clear that I am thankful to God for each and every peak and valley I’ve gone through. It’s easy to handle the peaks of life. It’s the valley’s that can dominate us, if we don’t properly address them.
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Fitness: No Excuses (Especially after 40)!

Use it or you lose it! For most of my post-athlete life, I’ve lived by this motto when it comes to being fit, staying in shape, and taking care of my body. (more…)
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Welcome to my blog site! I’m smiling as I type this...because I remember when “bloggers” came into existence and I thought they were nuts! I was in the TV world and paid little attention to the work being done by bloggers. I apologize for my ignorance and ask your forgiveness.